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Welcome to NZ Rugby World KIDS !!!!

This page of our website is just for you kids.


If you would like to submit anything to our magazine please do so here through our email address.

You can write to Kieran Read asking him questions you would like answered - please remember to include a photo of yourself in case we publish it in the magazine.


You can also submit jokes or a scanned copy of your colouring in - even scan your Ben Smith maths pages with your answers or Sarah Goss reading - you can write a book report if you want - and email them all in to us here or post to:


NZ Rugby World KIDS

PO Box 10004

Dominion Road

Auckland 1446


... remember to include your photo 


If you are sending within New Zealand you can use our FREEPOST 555747 code instead of a stamp! We LOVE getting mail so please do go ahead!