The money problem – where can NZ rugby look for more sponsors and bigger names?

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If you’re a sports fan, you’ll already know how vital sponsors are to clubs and their performance. From football to athletics, sponsors are always involved in the games, ensuring clubs have enough funding to thrive. Rugby is another sport that sees some impressive sponsorship deals, especially on an international level.

But could NZ benefit from some more sponsors? In this article, we’ll investigate why rugby teams need sponsorships, how the team and players benefit, and what sponsors NZ could use to improve their game. Keep reading to find out more.

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Why do sports clubs need sponsors?

Sponsorships span all industries, and large companies are continually helping teams with visibility and cash investments.

The main benefit of sponsors is to help clubs fund their goals and become all that they aspire to. Funding often allows better training for players, personal nutritionists, more practice time and high-quality equipment. Players elevate their skills and show off their skills on the field when all of these factors are present.

But players aren’t the only ones to benefit from sponsorships. Rugby fans also reap the rewards of these partnerships. For example, sponsorship investment fuels merchandise, stadium renovations and event organisation. Next time you’re enjoying a day out at the big game, look around. All the innovations you see are likely partly funded by generous sponsors.

Alongside excellent athletic performance and improved fan experiences, sponsorships also provide visibility for the sports. Rugby sponsors spread the word about upcoming tournaments and league games, boosting ticket sales and raising even more money for the clubs.

More visibility is always great, as this also improves morale and fuels the overall team spirit. Nothing beats the atmosphere on a game day. What’s a great rugby team without their dedicated fans?

Potential NZ rugby sponsors

When sports teams start running low on funding, they often need to secure deals with external sponsors. While this seems stressful, there are many sponsors around, and NZ has more options than ever in 2022.

Let’s look at some potential sponsors for New Zealand.

Sports gear

As with health companies, sports gear companies are a natural fit for rugby team sponsorship. Plus, many sports clothing companies are well known worldwide and can offer some of the highest funding deals. This would give the NZ rugby team an impressive boost, and fans’ experience would be better than ever.

You’ll likely already know the biggest sports sponsors if you’re an avid rugby fan. Gilbert, Nike and Adidas always have a presence at rugby tournaments, so maybe we’ll see them on NZ’s side sometime soon.

Beverage brands

While it seems like an odd fit, alcohol beverage companies are reliable rugby sponsors. Many fans tend to indulge in a tipple while watching games, so we’re not surprised these companies take the chance to promote their wares at matches.

In the past, England’s team has been sponsored by names such as Bollinger and Guinness, proving that alcohol and sports can mix. Maybe New Zealand will be next?


The casino and betting industries have always closely supported organised sport. Around the world, these companies have offered funding for teams to improve their play. For example, the Premiership Rugby League has been sponsored by BetUK, so maybe the NZ team is next.

Online casinos provide a wide range of online casino games, slots and sports betting – ideal for anyone looking to enjoy casino glamour at home. Big names, such as Neon Vegas, operate within New Zealand, so maybe we’ll see these names on rugby shirts in the future.

Health companies

Another prominent industry involved in rugby sponsorships is that of health-focused companies. From protein powder brands to supplements, these brands put wellbeing first and their products are often used by players.

Rugby is a challenging sport and to compete you need to be in top physical health. Health sponsors are a good fit for this sport and we’d love to see some top names funding the NZ team in the future.

Player sponsorship

While classic sponsorship deals typically involve the whole club, some companies and teams settle on single-player deals. Not all fans agree with this type of sponsorship, but any brand affiliations will draw in more attention, training and cash flow for clubs that need it. Who knows, maybe this will be the future of sports deals.

Final thoughts

Clubs need sponsorships and funding to thrive. When sponsorship deals end, it can be stressful for the players, management and fans. However, it looks like the NZ rugby team has many potential avenues to explore for funding. We’re excited to see how these sponsorships materialise and what benefits they’ll bring to the club. A well-funded team is a happy team!

Spanners Watson
Written by
Spanners Watson

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