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Rebecca Jackson

Harraways - the 155 years young, privately owned, Otago oat milling icon – is also proudly fuelling Otago/Southland’s Homegrown Highlanders!

As part of this partnership Rebecca Jackson (or ‘Bex’ as she likes to be called) has helped Harraways develop and showcase some wholesome, healthy recipes that the players are enjoying too!

Bex is an experienced and well-respected sports nutrition authority, holding Bachelor degrees in both Human Nutrition and Physical Education from University of Otago and a Masters of Dietetics (2014). She now heads up nutrition at the Highlanders and the ORFU.

Bex understands the terrific advantages of homegrown, plant-based oats. As well as being extremely versatile for cooking and baking with, they are extremely cost effective in these inflationary times. A simple bag of Harraways Rolled Oats costs no more than a mere $0.30 per 45g serving. Great value when nutritionally they pack a serious punch - being a good source of fibre, having a very low percentage of sugar, providing a source of protein and helping folks reduce cholesterol absorption via the beta glucan (soluble fibre) found naturally in oats.

Bex is now showcasing her favourite, personally designed oat recipes at

Bex's recipies available at Harraways website

Start trying these yummy, healthy, homegrown oat ideas today!

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