November's Northern Tour: How Do England Compare to the All Blacks At the Moment?

Anthony Gadsby
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Anthony Gadsby

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The upcoming Northern tour is one of the most awaited events in the rugby community. Many people even describe it as a mini-World Cup. It’s a chance for various teams to prove their worth and indirectly show that they deserve a spot in the 2023 World Cup. This has caused a major stir amongst fans of England who are looking for ways to predict the possible outcomes. This further explains why most supporters have decided to rely on bookmakers’ intricate analysis before placing any bet online.
The fact that England is playing at home is a huge advantage, as they get a chance to receive the support and encouragement of their fans first-hand. But, as you may ask yourself, will that be enough to get them to the top? In this article, we’ll tell you if England stands a chance of winning against New Zealand’s All Blacks.

A Methodical Approach

Rugby may seem to many as a game that does not require a lot of strategies. It is usually associated with physical efforts, intense endurance, and explosiveness. But, all these hide a much more defined methodology. Every game is well thought of, and each player occupies a strategic spot to ensure general coordination and of course victory.

The All Blacks are known for their remarkable strategy. Over the years, they’ve built a strong reputation as one of the strongest teams of all time. But, the intriguing point here is that most of their opponents don’t seem to get to the root of this strategy, and here is why. The All Blacks have succeeded in blending cultural ethics, community spirit, and strong schooling. A tangible example is the Haka which symbolizes the defence of their territory.

When looked upon, it may appear to be lame, and this could not be any further from the truth. This is actually what gives this team the deep-rooted passion they have in each game. And, this is one of the reasons the All Blacks are loved and respected.

And this is one of the things that England has been trying to implement. As compared to the All Blacks, their methodology has been described as “boring” because they’ve placed all the focus on the technicalities of the game. This explains why, although they’ve managed to rank among the top rugby teams in the world, there still seems to be something missing.

Recent Wins

When we take a closer look at the past World Cups and tournaments, we’ll all agree that the All Blacks have had their fair share of glory. But, a deep analysis of the past five years has us wondering if they’ve really improved their game. They seem to have entered an unending cycle of losing at crucial moments. Let’s take the 2019 Rugby World Cup that took place in Japan; for example, England proved that the All Blacks were not invincible.
England was not considered one of the favourite teams at the time. No one thought their strategy would be enough to take them to the top, but they surprised us. This just goes a long way to show that England when placed in the right conditions can pull out an outstanding game. This also hints at the fact that the All Blacks need a new formula to remain at the top.


Rugby is not easily predictable. As in most sports, each team gets a fair chance to prove it's worth. Although England might not have gathered the spectacular records peculiar to the All Blacks, they’ve proven that they are capable of improving their game under pressure. All they need right now is to improve their strategy and show a united spirit on the field.

Anthony Gadsby
Written by
Anthony Gadsby

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